About Us

True Datas is the first choice of Top Fortune technology companies globally. Within the business data realms, we are known as “the most trusted source for global B2B contact data. With a curated global B2B contact data repository of over 45 million datasets, 36+ million tech users list & industry-specific lists.

We look to our clients to guide the growth of our datasets. To us, expanding and deepening our information is a never-ending process. When a client lets us know of a gap in our data, filling that void becomes our highest priority. With a 700+ team of data acquisition and validation professionals, we’re equipped and ready to meet the most challenging data needs.

True Datas is the only B2B data provider and sales engagement platform with Real-Time verification. Get the most accurate business database to connect with and convert your buyers. Plus, with intent signals for the company database at no additional cost, you can identify buyers when they begin researching the internet for solutions like yours.

Do you have a data challenge? Tell us about the kind of companies or contacts you're looking for. We can help you fast.


                                                                                                Why True Datas ?

                ⦁      152M+ contacts

                ⦁      7.3M+ companies

                ⦁      66M+ mobile phones

                ⦁      9,100+ technologies tracked

                ⦁      95% accuracy with Real-Time

                ⦁      31 sources of intent data

                    ⦁      >1M TD users

                    ⦁      3M Visits per month

                    ⦁      22,500 Renowned resources

                    ⦁      >1M Statistics

                    ⦁      80,000 Topics

                    ⦁      170 Industries